About LCT

Legacy Custom Tackle

We are a custom mom and pop tackle shop, manufacturing premium, hand poured and injected soft plastic baits and jigs.  Each bait is hand-made and inspected for quality before it passes through our doors.  We will showcase an array of color patterns on this website and it will change from time to time, but what is key is the fact you are not stuck with just the color patterns you see.  We can make any color, whether it is something we’ve done before, or a brand new idea you have for the next great thing, or a color match to an old bait you can not find anymore.  Your part is to contact us- use the “Contact Us” feature, or feel free to call or visit or send us an email.

Our desire is to offer the best possible service to you, not as a business, but as family.  We spend time testing and researching the many different avenues there are in this sport we love- fishing.  Some of these are purely natural, while others are garnered from what science tells us.  When we put the natural information together with the scientific information, we believe we have a winning combination.  You will see this is the plastic texture, the colors of the baits, the weight of the baits and how they move through the water, and of course- the fish catching action itself!  If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it is the fact that if you always stay teachable, you can learn many great things in life- and most certainly this applies to fishing!

Here’s the best part:  This business was born out of our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and in particular, one single verse in the bible- Proverbs 3:5-7, which you will see at the bottom of every page on our website for that very reason.  (Please feel free to email or call us if you want the whole story, as we love to share what He has done in our lives).  the Lord called us to take a leap of faith, so we did just that, and here you are at the very place we feel He’s led us to:  Legacy Custom Tackle, where we’re naturally supernatural, created by, loved by, and saved by the only uncreated one- the Lord Himself.  

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about us.  We truly appreciate all the support!