LCT Finesse Rig Jigs

When the fishing gets tough and nothing else seems to work, it’s time to pull out the LCT Finesse Rig Jig. 6 different weights are available. It’s amazing how many different species of fish engulf these things! Largemouth, Smallmouth, Blue Gill, Crappie, Sun Fish, these jigs do not discriminate!

The last thing you want when fishing is to be frustrated- so we use these great wire keepers to keep you away from fussing and focused on fish! Each LCT Finesse Rig Jig has a molded-in wire keeper that won’t tear your soft plastics but will firmly hold them in place so you aren’t having to make adjustments on every cast. That’s frustrating!

All LCT Finesse Rig Jigs come with an ultra sticky sharp black nickel hook that helps the fish hook themselves WITHOUT A HOOK SET! See for yourself!

After we powder paint your jigs in your chosen colors, we then use a proprietary process to make sure that paint is ROCK HARD so your jigs last a long, long time. GET SOME!

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