LCT Weedless Wacky Rig Jig

Have you ever wanted to throw a non-sinking plastic Wacky-Rig style? …or perhaps you wanted to throw your sinking bait Wacky-Rigged, but wished you had different weight options due to current, or depth, or wind? Now you do. The LCT Wacky Rig Jig is the answer to both. …and it comes WEEDLESS! In fact, each LCT Finesse Rig Jig has not just one but TWO thin wire weed guards that you can adjust to your conditions and preference. They will help to stop you from getting hung up in the weeds and wood, but they will not interfere with your hookset.

All LCT Wacky Rig Jigs come with an ultra sticky sharp black nickel hook that helps the fish to hook themselves without a hookset. GET SOME! See for yourself!

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