LCT 4" BuzzFrog

Now here’s your reaction bait.

The LCT 4″ BuzzFrog features a round belly design which has a dual purpose. The back of it causes extra water agitation, giving a “chine walk” effect. The BuzzFrog was designed based on the hull of a boat, so it is nearly impossible to flip over in the water. The legs kick like crazy, attracting attention from those big lunkers lurking nearby.

For maximum performance, we recommend rigging the LCT 4″ BuzzFrog with a 5/0 Hook attached by screw-lock to the nose of the bait, then bring the hook up between the legs and skin hook on the slot in the back. AND HANG ON TIGHT TO YOUR ROD!

These are killer topwater baits, or you can weight them and fish like a crank bait. Amazing versatile baits.

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