LCT 4″ BuzzFrog (3 pack) YOUR OWN custom color!




This is where you can really match your local hatch.  …or request a color match to your old favorites or new favorites.  …or just get that color you know no one else has!  You can choose a single color for the whole bait.  You can also choose a belly color one color then the body and legs a different color.  …You can even choose legs one color, belly another color, and the body a third color.  It’s all the same price.  CUSTOM BAITS baby!  Your way!

Go ahead and add to cart and purchase.  We will contact you ASAP to make sure we get your custom colors just right.  You can also Contact Us ahead of time if you wish.

Tight lines!




Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Custom 4" BuzzFrog Color

We will contact you regarding your custom colors to make sure we get it right.


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